Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mothers Day!

Family time happened on mothers day this year. It was so nice to spend time with my main men. We took a day trip, experiences the beach, lunch out, icecream, and some playground time for Jamin. I'm so thankful for each day I get to be Jamins mom. It's been the best job I've ever had. Challenging & Humbling I am learning more about myself and growing with each new day.  I'm blessed to have this special gift and responsibility of raising Jamin to become a Man (one day)! Thank you Matt for walking along side me, through thick and thin, your support means the world to me!

Friday, 12 April 2013

28 feels Great!!

Birthdays come but once a year...
and I really look forward to it.

I enjoy the process of getting older. With each passing year I get more tools of wisdom under my belt,  I learn more of who I am as an individual, wife, and now a mother. I truly believe this happens over time through life lessons, relationship with others, and trusting GOd to reveal these things through Grace.

I have have the pleasure of being  surrounded by amazing people in my life, I am truly thankful.  I felt not only was 'my day' for me, but a chance for me to share my appreciation with the people who have been a huge support in my life!  So why not throw a party....

The little girl inside of me always wants it to be as it was back in the younger years of life when..
hand delivered invites, mom made the cake, hid the presents in her closet (where she thought we didn't see them) , games were planned, presents galore, and anticipation of "that special day"  which seemed to feel like a  lifetime....
but I realize as we get older, reality sets in and these things must be planned in order to be achieved.

I have learnt that 'giving is recieving'.. I planned a lunch and had some great company join me and honor my 28th year..only to arrive to a set table with a single pink rose for each gal, and a handwritten note sharing how their friendship is important to me.  I was so grateful each one could join me and take time out of their busy schedules. I baked a cake to finish the lunch on a "sweet" note! I requested "no gifts" yet each person showered me with love with a card, gift, or blessed to have friends who give from the heart!

Matt took me for a lovely date night dinner just the 2 of us, he bought be a beautiful bracelet, flowers, and a loving card! It's not to often we take time away from Jamin (cuz lets face it, we always want our cute guy included in the things we do!)
So when we do have a dinner out, its nice to reconnect and for me eat a meal slowly while it's still hot (can I hear an amen!!)

My birthday marks another day and another year of new experiences to be love cup was filled and overflowing from this wonderful day and I'm so thankful to all those who made it that way!  I had a plan to give, and recieved more then I could have imagined!

Friday, 22 February 2013

A 'phones view' of Toronto!

Although I wouldn't recommend Visiting Ontario in the winter months, we braved the cold to spend time with our good friends. Here is a peak at our trip in pictures! It was freezing, but between the company and sunshine it made the cold not feel so cold! :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

First haircut

This past weekend it was time to cut off Jamins mullet..

somehow in my mind I thought if we cut his hair it would "de-babyfy" him. I left it long way longer then I should have because of this.
Now that it's cut (he didn't become a man overnight) I wonder why I didn't do it sooner as  he looks much cuter and 'taken care of'.

oh the thoughts we go through  as our kiddos growing up...kinda funny!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A moment

Sometimes I'd like to freeze moments in time and just sit there taking it all in.

Thanks to my good friend April Martin for capturing this moment on a walk the other day! 

It's fun sometimes having someone get the  moments that I can't document myself!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Gettin out in 2013!

We have had a Rough start to the year, we have been sick for the past 2 weeks. It's nice to say it  looks like we are through the darkness and into the light now! I don't enjoy being sick (who does right?!) and I find being sick with a toddler brings even more challenge. It's not only a struggle physically, but mental, and emotional strength must kick into gear...survival of the fittest!! ;) I had to check myself numerous times as I wanted to just run away and escape reality..sleep till the hurts went away...but nooope (that's not What I signed up for) so we powered through dealing with one symptom at a time.
My thing lately has been "keep things in perspective" ..even if I'm feeling low or going through a challenge I remind myself How blessed I am in this life.
It's not always easy turning my "blues into blessings" but I find when I do my mood turns quickly.

A few things I remind myself of..

A God who is always there for me
A wonderful and healthy family
A home that is safe, warm, and beautifully crafted by my talented husband (with more contents then one person needs)
So many loving friendships and people who Care about us...and so much more, food in our bellys, clothes on our backs, cars to drive, etc, etc!

So thankful to be over these sick symptoms, we celebrated by going for a swim on a snowy day....

We are  ready to start a new year, with new adventures and great blessings!!!

...not to mention a few blog posts here and there. ;)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Beach boy!

We 've really been enjoying the lake.  What a fun and busy age! Jamers is developing quite the tan-I'm so glad we did swimming lessons early on to get Jamin used to the water, he loves the lake and will crawl right in no problem! Beaching it is a little different this year, more of a 'pop in', 'pop out' kinda time :)  No more loungin for this mama and {I wouldn't have it any other way}♡ I'm so thankful we live in such a beautiful place, we get to enjoy the water as often as we'd like :)